About Me

My name is Philippa.

I am 30-something and married to Ian.  We are both originally from the rural Pennines in North East England, but for the last four years have been living and working in London.

Thankfully our plan to escape the big smoke has paid off we have just moved from a tiny house in South East London to lovely house in West Yorkshire which we plan to do up slowly, little by little.

If I could have my way I would never wear shoes, and I would have a kitchen in my garden. Unfortunately people expect you to wear shoes, and my garden currently a balcony.

But still a girl can dream!

Why Philippa Gardens?

Philippa Gardens is actually a small cul-de-sac in South East London which I used to drive past on a daily basis on my way to work.  I fell in love with the name and the lovely 1930’s road sign as it seemed to me to be far more of a descriptor than a place name.

When I revamped my very first blog (a long, long time ago) I felt a change of name was needed, and Philippa Gardens just lept out at me.

Where else can I find Philippa Gardens?

My you are keen aren’t you?  Well I can be found at the following:






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