Ode to a Dishwasher

Washin Up

Progress is slow but steady in our Kitchen / Utility Room remodel. The Utility Room shell is constructed and the units have been built and fitted, but we are stuck in indecision city when it comes to worktops.

We thought that we had found the answer to our problems a few weeks ago when I found Worktop Express. Sadly their quote came back far more expensive than we ever imagined. Back to the drawing board.

The new washing machine arrived last week and is in place waiting to be plumbed in. When that happens the old Zanussi that we inherited with the house can be disconnected and removed from the kitchen leaving us with a brilliant space for a DISHWASHER!!

Oh you can’t imagine the excitement.

Life with out a dishwasher is unbearable. The amount of marital grief washing up causes you wouldn’t believe.  In short he hates washing and I hate drying. Unfortunately we never seem to be in the mood to wash/ dry up at the same time, which always ends in a ‘discussion’ and inevitably one of us sulking.

So a dishwasher is vital to our future marital happiness.

The next problem is deciding which dishwasher to buy. We want one that will take a whole host of pots and crockery, but I am super keen that it be the most efficient (both energy and water that I can find) and the quietist and clearly the best value for money. 

If only you could really test them out in the shops. Take a box of dirty pots with you to Comet, pop them into a dishwasher for a quick wash whilst you snuggle down in the demonstration massage chair to watch a wall of fifty 3D televisions. I think this idea truly has legs. Really.

I think I have narrowed the field down to the Miele (which we can’t afford), the Siemens (which is reportedly quiet) or the Bosch Logixx (only 12ltrs of water!).

Choices, choices…

Thankfully I’m on call next week which means a little boost to my pay next month.

Hopefully it will be a Dishwasher sized boost.


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