For the Merry Month of March

During March I will…

put the new cupbopards up on the walls in the new utility room

find a plasterer to make a better job of finishing the walls off than I can

stop buying coffee at Starbucks on the way to work

use the money I would have spent on coffee to buy something pretty for the revamped kitchen

start and perhaps even finish the wedding gift quilt for our friends

be brave and get a quote for a wood burning stove in our sitting room

strip off the rest of the wallpaper in the kitchen and chip off the remaining tiles

sew a new table cloth and napkins

cook more during the week

take audio book back to the library (and pay the fine)

perhaps take out a new audio book from the libary (but not keep it quiet so long this time…)

finish sewing my new dress for work

find power cable for time capsual and back up computer

hit the market in the hope of finding some vintage platters and bowls

set the potatoes for chitting

plant garlic in pots

Dig over an area of lawn to create raised beds

image via blushface


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