Finishing Touches

It took three goes to wash the brick dust out of my hair last night.

Three goes!

In a bid to escape the continuing construction chaos I let my mind and my fingers wander through blogland last night trying to decide how to finish the new kitchen / utility room. 

I remembered seeing Hilary’s darling little Kitchen Gnome stitchets a week or two back and thought that they would be the prefect escape. 

Sadly it seems they are only available to order in paper versions.  Don’t get me wrong I love Hilary’s Stitchet Cards, but I just don’t want to wait the weeks and weeks it takes for post to arrive from America.

I particularly want these for the kitchen as a nod to the old kitchen arrangements.  There was barely room to swing a cat in the old set up, and to prevent the ‘you’re standing in the way of the fridge/sink/oven’ arguments that we frequently had Ian would sit on a little step in the doorway to chat to me whilst I cooked/washed up/ baked. 

He called this act, Gnoming.

So in a nod to Gnoming and a celebration of the soon to be increased space kitchen I would love to stitch some kitchen Gnomes.

Perhaps I shall have to suck up and wait for Mr Mailman.

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