Stuck in London edition

I took a break from Utility Room construction to go to a meeting in the Big Smoke today.  For shame on me.

Meeting was successful and I was glad that I hauled my bones out of bed at 5am.  However I arrived at Kings Cross Station just after 17.oo with the plan of hoping on to a train at 17.30 back home,  to be met with a departure board displaying nothing other than CANCELLED.

Oh joy.

It seems that no trains had left Kings Cross from about 15:30, but train loads of people kept arriving.  There were several thousand people hurded into the scafolding clad concourse, and just left there.

East Coast Trains were useless.  No information, not a single soul to let us know what was happening.  I shouldn’t be surprised by this though considering some of the hellish journeys I have had on this route before.

I gave up waiting and set off to find my own way home.

So I am sat, or should that be squeezed in on a packed train which will eventually get in to Leeds, from St Pancras via Leicester and Nottingham.  Not exactly quick, but there is a slim chance that I shall get to bed today.


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