Windows on the world

We have finally taken the plunge and work has begun on converting part of our garage into a utility room. Over the last few days we have had a peek into the history of our house from our very kind neighbours.

Our house was born in 1968 and seems to have had four owners since new.  When it was constructed the first owners were keen caravaners, and we exceedingly proud of their caravan.  They asked the builders to create an extra long garage and as a result the little kitchen was popped out the back, so looks like it was/is an extension.  We could if we want fit two cars into the garage, one in front of the other, but we can’t fit a fridge into the cooker.  It really is a little frustrating.

So after much head scratching and pondering we decided to knock through into the garage, create pantry / utility room off the kitchen, move the washing machine and fridge into the new room and buying a new dishwasher to fit where the washing machine sat.

The first thing was to replace the very old aluminium single glazed windows in the garage and create a external door.  In the most awful weather today a team of four very wonderful men chopped and bashed and sawed and smashed and created me new windows!

I forgot to get a before, so these are my during and after shots.

Tomorrow we create a door through from the kitchen to the garage!

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