Plate Wall

Before we left London I was keen to make sure that we  found ourselves a few souvenirs. I’m not talking about a Tower Bridge Snow Globe (though that could be quite fun).

I am being slowly won over by the idea of a plate wall. I adore Lynne’s and I was amazed by Blair’s Plate Painting.

Wrapped safely up in tissues paper in our attic is a full Midwinter Riverside Dinner Service. Platters, Tureens, the whole shebang, which was given to me by my Great Aunt and Uncle some years ago. It is so perfect that I want to use it rather pop it up on the wall.

My eye has been caught by this little lovely,  the Royal Festival Hall am a big fan of People Will Always Need Plates. In fact as I type this I am wearing this skirt. Clearly, If I do get the Festival Hall plate, it will need a little friend, which is why I’m rapidly falling for this plate, the Millennium Bridge in Gateshead, which I know is not London, but it is a huge reminder of home home.


And to light the whole affair? The brilliant Solarise Lampshade by Central St Martine graduate Pu Tia.


The ‘Solarise’ lampshade shows the London skyline and mimics the effect of the sun rising. The sky is printed with a thermochromic layer that changes colour in reaction to heat. When the light is switched on, the heat of the bulb causes the sky to change from dark to light and creates the effect of sun rising gradually over a timespan of a few minutes.

Much better than a snowglobe I think.

Perhaps now we have a dining room we can justify something as grand.

Only 10 months late!

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