Which cake are you?

This Saturday afternoon is our inaugural WI Mixer.  We are hosting a little get together with our fellow WIs in our area for a little bit of cake and crafting and getting to know each other.

As part of the merriment there is a cake baking competition!  We have been tasked with baking a cake that represents your WI.  After a little bit of head scratching I have come up with a plan for a Rose & Cardamon Chocolate Cake.

As I have mentioned before our WI is not the usual church hall group, and we go by the name of Buns and Roses.

I thought of rose buns, or decorating buns with roses which seemed a bit kitch and far too obvious, not to mention also a tad fiddly. I finally settled on a chocolate combination as who doesn’t like chocolate?

My other half is off to his very belated Christmas party tonight with work, so I will have the kitchen all to myself.  So the plan is to whip up this baby whilst humming along to so Michael Bublé.

I shall report back.


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