Never meddle

I should have learnt my lesson by now with Blogger.  If you are happy with something don’t change, it will only become so so much worse.

Just before Christmas in a rare moment of quiet I fiddled slightly with the layout of philippa gardens and disaster struck.  Bits fell off, I lost pictures and now matter what twiddles and fiddles I did, I just couldn’t get it back.

Then the cooker broke, just days before Christmas, which resulted in tiles coming off the wall and the extractor hood being replaced, which has resulted in a surveyor coming on Wednesday to quote for new windows and door in the garage, which will eventually become the utility room / pantry.  Then it was Christmas, and then new Year, and then back to work and what do you know, it is the 9th January and I STILL haven’t fixed blogger.

So my aim this week is to sit down with a cup of tea, some Christmas chocolates and fix this little blog, and normality will be restored.

Pictures of snow, and the kitchen will be posted and all will be well.


2 thoughts on “Never meddle”

  1. The blog seems like a case of if its not broken, though that doesn't apply to your cooker. Hope normal service is soon resumed, the chocolate should help, I'd start that immediately.

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