christmas shopping

i’m having a christmas shopping fail.  a total and utter disaster.

i found a brilliant website recently which sold hand made slippers ( i know, i know, unoriginal christmas gift…)  but these were beautiful. handmade in south east london by a clever lady who uses rescued pieces of scrap leather.

the only problem is that  i can’t remember the web address!  it is so frustrating.

i have googled, and searched through resent blogs i have read.  i know i found the page in mid october, but i can’t remember how.

does this ever happen to you?  and if it sounds familiar, please can you point me in the right direction!

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2 Responses to christmas shopping

  1. dottycookie says:

    It ALWAYS happens to me. Occasionally I am organised and use wists or bookmarks with tags to keep track of things. But more often than not I leave hundreds of tabs open to go back to, and then lose the lot when the browswer crashes. Doh!

  2. Could you trawl your internet History? Time consuming but I found a lost website that way.

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