cycling chic

Since leaving London my bicycle has yet to turn a peddle along Yorkshire roads.
When we lived in the flat there simply wasn’t enough room to keep my bike so it vacationed the summer away in the coal shed at my parents. As soon as we moved into the house Dad dutifully brought it back down again, where it has leant forlornly against the garage wall ever since.
Back in London I cycled a great deal, to and from work when I my office was in the docklands, and out and about at weekends when my office moved back into the City.  Oddly even though the roads were far busier I felt much safer regularly cycling the city roads.  Though the car drivers hated cyclists they were at least aware of them. 

Here in Yorkshire cycling seems to be much harder, not simply due to the varying gradient of the roads but due to drivers attitudes.  The concept of giving room seems to be a rather unfamiliar one with them.

Still I do want to get back into the saddle.  I have toyed with the concept of cycling to work.  I’m not adverse to the idea of cycling 12 miles into Leeds, but I don’t fancy the rush hour cycle blind traffic.
The other option is cycling to the train and hoping my bike and I on to the train.  Unfortunately the train can only take one bike at a time, and that is on a very first come first served basis.  I guess I could leave my bike at the station, but would it be there when I got off the train?
So much to think about.
Still, I saw a flyer for Sustrans Bike Belles programme today which has started me mulling over the whole idea again. 
I thought that this photo and concept was great…

… can you imagine turning up at the Grosvsnor House Hotel for a posh do in your cycling shorts and vest top evening dress packed neatly in your panniers? 

Have to say it is a bit of a stretch for me.


3 thoughts on “cycling chic”

  1. I admit cycling to work on busy roads is no fun. When I worked in Edinburgh I kept an old bike at my office so I could get out at lunch time and to meetings. I once turned up for an appointment at a v smart hotel on my sit up and beg, I told my husband I handed it to the uniformed door man, in fact I chained it up round the corner.

  2. I know what you mean about inconsiderate motorists. I'm not a cyclist but see so many instances of near misses on the roads. The mister bought himself a flashy two wheeler and all the accessories when he left work last year. I've yet to see him get on it!!!

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