sunday night reading

I love magazines.  Too much actually.  Each month I tell myself that I really shouldn’t buy any more, but somehow they manage to sneak in to my shopping basket.  Particularly if I am travelling somewhere by train.  Any long train journey can be made so very much better with a good cup of coffee and a copy of Living etc

One way to still get my magazine fix but keep my pennies safe is through the medium of virtual magazines.
Sweet Paul is now on his third edition, and they are getting better and better with each one.  I have had a quick scan through and I’m looking forward to tucking up in bed tonight with a cuppa to read through the section on Christmas Wrapping.

Lonny is another great on line mag which I have talked about before.  I love the immediacy of  these magazines.  You see something you like, you hit the link, you are whizzed to the website and click click ping.  You have bought it.

So I guess my argument that these virtual magazines help you save the pennies are perhaps not as true as I first thought!

Brew yourself a cup of tea and curl up with your laptop of  a good half hour for a little bit of me time.


One thought on “sunday night reading”

  1. I love magazines, too, just as much as I loved comics (I got them all) when I was younger. The online versions just don't do it for me. I have to have the hard copies (which then stack up and then I have to decide which ones to keep and which ones to recycle).

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