Glad to be in the Provinces.

Boy am I happy that I’m now working in Leeds.
I really can’t blame them.  I think the proposed changes to tuition fees are just shocking.  I am still paying off my Student Loans, tens years after I graduated from University, and my loans were relatively small compared to the proposed amounts future students are facing. 
But violence is simply not the answer. Well reasoned debate and lobbying are by far the best way to go.  Invading a building in such a violent manor is just awful.  Milbank Tower is a very large building, with a separate base wing at the bottom.  The Conservative Party have their HQ in this bottom wing.  Not the Tower.
The Tower contains a large range of offices everything from the Ombudsman to the Judicial Studies Board and the National Anti Vivisection group.  People which have nothing to do with Student Fees!

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One Response to Glad to be in the Provinces.

  1. Jenny says:

    I agree with you. The country is broke so lets start smashing it up really isn't the answer and today the students will have lost a lot of support.

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