And we’re in!

Four weeks and four days from making our offer to unlocking the door and calling he place our own.
We have just about cleared a path to the settee, I know where the kettle is and I have found my knitting needles, brilliant progress!  Just have to find my work clothes, my other shoes, the tin opener and my wool and then all will be well.
Man from Sky comes on Friday to turn on the TV (whoop!) and then the man form BT comes the week after to plug in our telephone, then hopefully normal service will resume 14 days later when the broadband pipe is unblocked and we can wire ourselves up again.  We have electricity and gas, and though water runs from the tap I have no idea where the stop cock or water meter is.  Meer details.
So a little sneak preview if you like.
The house…
…and more importantly, the garden….
… and the woodland beyond (sadly not ours).

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