Autumn Walks – A girl needs a new wardrobe right?

Autumn Walks

autumn is really rolling in now and I am thrilled.  i don’t do heat very well, which frankly is a good thing when living in england.  i really am made for autumn.  summer i wilt.  my hair frizzes, i never ever seem to wear the right clothes, i’m either too hot or feel too exposed.  i do enjoy the brightness of the sun but not the heat at all.

in winter i get cold very easily, but i can cope with the cold.  i layer up, wear my boots and pull on a hat and generally i’m a happy girl.

autumn for me though is the perfect time of the year.  still sunny, but with an underlying coolness,  so once wrapped in a good jumper, boots and perhaps even a pair of gloves i’m ready for anything.

i’m excited to be moving as finally we will have all our possessions in one house, and i am so thankful that we are moving now before it does drop cooler.  i’m relishing bursting out my autumn clothes which have been carefully stored for the last six months.  all in all i’m realising bursting out all our belongings which are in storage.  i truly think it is going to be like christmas!

so to celebrate i do fancy treating myself to a few new additions.  i spent a very happy hour playing on Polyvore and think i may have found my perfect new autumn outfit.

all i have to do now is decide on whether i need new clothes or new carpets.

decisions, decisions!


One thought on “Autumn Walks – A girl needs a new wardrobe right?”

  1. And I'd happily live in flipflops 12 months of the year. Good news that the house is progressing, it will be wonderful to get everything out of storage. Word of warning though, we had our lives in storage for 3 months and when we unpacked there were a few rather large spiders in the boxes. Hope that doesn't put you off

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