advice please.

i’m beginning to fall out with blogger. my virtual stationary.

we have been friends for nearly four years, but we are beginning to want to do different things, and to be honest I’m not sure that our relationship is working.

i have to confess that my eye has begun to wander.  i’m wondering what else is out there?  am i missing out?

i looked at typepad and i must say i was a little alarmed by what i saw.  it looked jolly complicated.

is it?  doesn’t any one use typepad?

most importantly if you do, do you pay for it?

i must say when i saw the price it did bring out the puritan in me.   perhaps i should preserve with blogger and have an over haul and a good ol’MOT {and now I mention it, why do we insist on saying Ministry of Transport Test when we pop for a health check?  It is a question that is really bothering me at the moment and no one i have so far asked can come up with a good reason}.

are there any other blogging platforms out there that i could explore?  i’d really appreciate your thoughts, tips and anicdotes please!

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One Response to advice please.

  1. sometimes I get very frustrated with blogger because it just wont do want I want but I often find that a little bit of tinkering with the code normally sorts it out. Dont get me wrong I am no wiz kid, it normally takes me hours to figure out the slightest change!! x

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