News round up

Riiiiight… well there went every good intention to get back into the blogging saddle.  It has been a busy five weeks.

It seems like we have beaten our personal house buying record.  All things going well we will exchange on Monday, complete on Thursday and move in on Friday, a full five weeks after we offered on the property.

We bought our house in London in just six weeks from offer to moving in, and that included Christmas too.  Last time we offered on Christmas eve and were moving in on the first weekend of February.

I think that really we have both missed our vocation in life and really we should be giving Kirsty and Phil a run for their money.

I just don’t understand when people say that it took them over four months to buy a house.  Just what are they doing?!

In fairness on this occasion the house we are buying is empty (last time in London we pretty much kicked the vendors out, but that is another story…) and the vendors are just as keen as we are to move quickly.

My consumption of design magazines has shot up exponentially.  The flat is littered with well thumbed copies of Living ect. Ideal Homes, and Living North, who have AT LAST brought out a Yorkshire edition to compliment their wonderful North East version.

I have plans, many, many plans.  But we have to pack our little flat first. Then relocate all our boxed up belongings out of my Parent – in – Law’s house into the new house. Then un-pack, whilst still going to work and staying on top of every day things like, well you know, eating, and doing the laundry, occasionally sleeping.

So forgive me if I vanish again for a while!

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