Ta Da! (ish)

Ok ok I know I have been rubbish recently but I assure you that it has all been for your benefit.  Suffice to say that I have found house hunting all very stressful and I have been a terrible grump about the whole process. How on earth Ian has put up with my I really don’t know.
I hesitate to say that it may all be drawing to a conclusion now. Our offer has been accepted on a property and the solicitors are all doing their thing.  I actually feel rather sorry for them, it must be terribly difficult to work when you have some one metaphorically peering over your shoulder the whole time telling you that they would have done it in a different way, or providing the information that they require before they have requested it.  We haven’t yet confessed to my other half’s profession, but if they haven’t clocked that he is a fairly senior legal professional then they aren’t worth the considerable fee that we are paying them.
The house is right at the top end of our budget, but is wonderful! A four bed detached with garage (very important for boy stuff) and a huge garden. 
With Apple Trees.
Fingers, toes and other body parts crossed that all goes to plan.
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One Response to Ta Da! (ish)

  1. Jenny says:

    All sounding very positive. I think your OH is right to keep those solicitors on their toes, they charge enough and in my experience don't take a lot of responsibility. Look forward to hearing about the move.

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