Where I vanish for well over six weeks.

So what happened?  Well things became rather stressful, then very disappointing, then hugely busy again.
In short, we pulled out of the purchase of the new build house.  There were a number of issues which couldn’t be resolved so after long, long consideration we took the horrid decision of withdrawing from the purchase. 
My dream of a future without Estate Agents really isn’t to be.  House hunting commenced with a vengeance and we found an area which we have completely fallen in love with.  It is nowhere near where we were originally house hunting, in fact it is officially regarded as Bradford.  The little village of Saltiare, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, where nearly every house is Grade II listed.  It has a vibrant and active community and a lovely ‘feel’ which is just what we have been searching for.  All we have to do now is wait, and hope that a house (which we can afford, and has a garden) becomes available.
Can’t quiet believe that the past six weeks can be summed up in one paragraph but there you go.  Just trust me when I say that there have been tears and tantrums!
In other news, I have joined the grooviest branch of WI no Jam and Jerusalem here thanks.  This is not your Granny’s WI but a gathering of 30 something crafty ladies with a fondness for cakes! I made a new summer top for myself (photos to follow) and have almost finished a new baby quilt for Ian’s cousin who is due to give birth any day now.
I’m still hear and still kicking, real life just got in the way.


3 thoughts on “Where I vanish for well over six weeks.”

  1. My word what an emotional roller coaster you've been on. I imagine that Saltaire is a bit like Robert Owen's New Lanark, not far from us, in which case it will be a wonderful place to live. Hope you do find your dream property soon and glad that you are keeping calm with some crafting.

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