Whirl Wind Weekend – part two

We found ourselves suddenly free on Sunday as our friends had to head home early.  With the sun beating down on us, we dropped the soft top of our new car (!) and zoomed over the M62 to Cressington in Merseyside to poke and prod the show home of the type we want to buy.
We spent nearly a full hour in the house, much to the annoyance of the Show Home Seller.  Sitting on all the chairs.  Standing inside the wardrobe in the main bedroom. Standing in the shower cubical.  Looking in the loft.  Sitting on the stairs.
I’m so thankful that we went.  The house is lovely, and we are definitely going to buy it, but we now have a list of many many many things to ask the developers. Mainly all about the finish of the build.  What will the lights in the hall/landing/dinning area be? Can we move the TV point to the other side of the sitting room/or have two TV points?  Little niggly thing, but things to resolve non the less.
I took well over a hundred photographs, and I will pop some up here, but in all this excitement (or possibly the house move) I have lost the cable for the camera. I’m so frustrated as I have pictures of the house, the new car, our trip to see Antony Gormley‘s ‘Another Place’ in Formby all to share.
Tonight I have to iron my way through a small Munroe of ironing and then perhaps I’ll have a great hunt for the cable.


One thought on “Whirl Wind Weekend – part two”

  1. How exciting, I think you should insist on having everything in the house how and where you want it. Developers hate it when you veer from the standard but it is a buyers market and it is your home so stand up to them.

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