Whirl Wind Weekend – part one

Well With it being Wednesday I thought I should update you about the Weekend…
We had one of those wonderful weekends which seems to last forever.  Certainly help by the blistering sun that shone for the whole two days.  We had friends to visit Friday evening and Saturday day, so after a brilliant Friday night curry at the fantastic Cafe Guru (both stunning interior design and fantastic food), followed by a relatively early start on Saturday with a hearty breakfast at the little cafe in our Development before heading over the River to the Royal Armouries.  It really was just too hot to spend the day inside the museum, so was wondered around inside very briefly, just enough to make it look like we were really interested before we headed off outside to the Tilt Yard to watch a falconry display.  I have always held a fascination for falcons, which I know stems from a book I read as a child, The Queen Elizabeth Story by Rosemary Sutcliffe.  I still adore this book, and half an hour curled up with it under a blanket and I am 10 again dancing with fairies and waiting to meet Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Walter Raleigh.
We then emerged from the Tilt Yard and as one decided that they day was just TOO amazing to spend it in doors or in fact in town.  We bundled into our friends car (our new car being selfishly only a 2 seater!) and went in search of Lotherton Hall.
What a fantastic find.  For the princely sum of £3.60 we parked the car and discovered that it was free to visit the parkland and gardens and the Bird Garden!  Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera with me as I had no idea quiet how brilliant a place this would be.  We ARE going back and I WILL take the camera.  The birds were simply out of this world (well actually were mainly from Africa and Australasia, but that isn’t the point).  We saw everything from Cranes to Kookaburras to Hornbills to Emus and Reas.  You can actually walk inside the Africa enclosure which felt like being in a wild life documentary.  It was only when we emerged from it that I realised there had been guide notes for you to take in with you which identified the birds.  I had no idea what we were looking at but they were magical.  I think next time we will try to go mid week and term time so there will be fewer children.  I don’t mind children, but I would prefer to spend to peaceful time in the garden with out having to dance around drippy ice cream cones being waved with gay abandon at knee height.


One thought on “Whirl Wind Weekend – part one”

  1. I absolutley loved The Queen Elizabeth Story as a child. Weren't there fairies in it 'pharasees'? And wasn't the little girl called Perdita or have I imagined it? I tried to buy a second hand copy of it a while ago but the edition I ended up with was misprinted and a sizeable portion of pages were missing. I loved the illustrations by C Walter Hodges too. I'm reading a Sutcliff at the moment- The Lantern Bearers.

    Thank s for the memory of a much-loved book you have stirred up.

    Sue x

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