Six weeks down and still going strong

Its is official, we have been here six weeks now, and to be honest, our flat is so organised and neat and tidy it looks like we have been here forever.  Or it would if we were normally this tidy.
Beside my frantic tidying and organising, we have been rather busy.  I have interviewed for a few jobs.  One of which I knew immediately wasn’t right for me, thankfully they very kindly said that I was far too over qualified for the post and that they didn’t want to offer it to me as they knew I would want to leave it within the month, but I was an extremely impressive candidate and they had enjoyed interviewing me immensely!  I was so please, that they had said that as I was in fear of being offered the post but having to turn it down.
In the end though my old employer came through and  a post was advertised that was so perfect it was as if it had been specifically written for me.  I interviewed on the Wednesday and started on the Monday, so all in all I only had two days of unpaid leave between my annual leave from my post in London and starting my new post in Leeds.
Leaving my London job did have one draw back in that my company car which went with the post had to go back.  I felt sadder seeing it being driven away, than I did driving away from our old house.  Shows how much of a car lover I am!
We went a week with out an official car, though my Dad who owns a very prestigious car restoration company lent us one of his courtesy cars to see us through.  We then went and did something very spontaneous and bought ourselves a silly little red sports car.  Well if we can’t do it now when can we?!
So that was two things in one week. New job and new car.  They do say that these things come in threes, so I was wondering what else could happen.
Last Saturday we had booked several house viewings with an estate agent in the village of Sherburn in Elmet in North Yorkshire.  The houses we saw were all interesting, but all needed a lot of work to bring them up to standard (one didn’t even have a door to the loo!) or to our taste.  A few weekends ago we have been to see some show homes at a development on the edge of Sherburn so we went back.  And loved them.  One quick call to my parents asking them to come down on the Sunday to view them again with us to make sure we weren’t being blinded by the loveliness and another viewing and we reserved one!
Can you believe it?!
We have one month to exchange contracts, and then a five month wait for it to be built, which ties in perfectly with out rental period in the flat.  The only little spanner in the works is that we haven’t actually seen a show home of the one that we have reserved.  That is a more modest three bed house and the show homes available are all four beds.  But the finish and general layout is the same.
I have tossed and turned a little bit this week over whether we are doing the right thing.  So this Sunday we are having a road trip to Merseyside where the developers are building another development, but where they do have a show home of our little house.  We are going to have a good prod.  Bounce on the settee, sitting at the dining table and really get a feel for the place and decide if it is somewhere that we could see ourselves living.
If not we still have a chance to pull out and all we will have lost is £200 reservation fee and some legal costs. 
So there you go, how much can change in just a few weeks.

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One Response to Six weeks down and still going strong

  1. Gosh, that's a lot of progress made. Congratulations on the new job. You did well to find something suitable so quickly. Hope to see photos of the new car and the new house.

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