I said it wouldn’t be a quick thing

Votes are still being counted.

But we are in for a Hung Parliament.

I am genuinely saddened by how hard Labour have hung on.  I really did hope and believe that this could have been the LibDems time.  I have been angry at the many many people who have voted Labour becasue their long dead Grandparents did, ‘n voting Labour is what we do.

However anger and frustration won’t get us anywhere.  So I’m putting it behind me.

Big cheer for the lovely Caroline Lucas, who has finally pushed over the parapet and won the Brighton Pavilion seat.   Three cheers for her!

There will be lots of head scratching and as Quentin Letts puts it ‘there could be a lot of pencil sucking at the palace’.  Perhaps a coalition government is ahead of us, or perhaps the Torys will push ahead with a minority government.  Either way, I still think that the LibDems and Nick Clegg have a huge and important role to play.  

So I am not giving up hope.


2 thoughts on “I said it wouldn’t be a quick thing”

  1. I agree with all you say and am disappointed how few people really care about their government. The turn out is appalling especially at such a difficult time. Still waiting to find out what is going to happen and hoping Vince Cable finds a role in the new government.

  2. I'm a Lib-dem voter and now feel tremendously positive about the coalition govt. I think it is absolutely marvellous that Nick Clegg and Vince Cable are sitting on the front bench of the govt. I think things can be done now- we might not be able to do all we want to do, but neither will the tories.

    Sue x

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