Two days to go…

Things may go a little quiet around here for a while.  The removers arrive on Friday morning to whisk us away up north. So Thursday will be a horrid mad rush I’m sure.  I want to try and get the last little pieces of laundry washed and dried (whilst I still have a washing line).  All electrical items must be unplugged by bed time Thursday , which will include the Broadband too. 

Alarmingly, it seems that we will be without broadband for nearly three weeks!  I have never ever been a fan of BT after the damage that they caused to my cottage (but that is most definitely a story for another time).  On this occasion though I simply can’t understand why it can take them so long to simply switch on our line.  All the weiring is in place, and the exchange is Broadband ready.  As far as I can tell, they just need to flick on switch.  That is all. 

So unless I scout out a lovely cafe with free wifi, I think the blog will have to wait a little while.

So wish us luck, and we’ll see you in the North!

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2 Responses to Two days to go…

  1. Good luck with the move and hope it all happens without a hitch. I know you've been missing the north and wish you both well in the new location.

  2. Jenny says:

    Hopefully you are now en route to the north, happy landings. I expect you will be busy settling in so maybe a blessing you won't be on line for a while, good luck with everything.

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