In perspective

The Wonderful Weekend Book: Reclaim Life's Simple Pleasures

I now feel very bad about my last post.  I have managed to catch up on some of my blog reading over my lunch, and found the most terrible news. Elspeth Thompson who’s blog I enjoyed enormously sadly took her own life last week. Her writing and photographs were always so beautiful, I had no idea that she suffered from depression. She leaves behind her husband and young daughter Mary.

I realise that this is horrid news, and not what people like to read in blogland.  But I would urge you to look at Elspeth’s blog, or take her brilliant book The Wonderful Weekend Book  out from the library.  She gave so much joy to so many, it would be a shame if that stopped.


3 thoughts on “In perspective”

  1. It has indeed been shockingly sad news.

    Don't feel bad about your last post though; we all have blah days, and days when we need to let off steam, and that's just fine.

  2. The blogs I read are all about this sad and sudden news. I wonder if Elspeth ever knew how much we all treasured her beautiful writing and photos.

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