I feel rotten today.

Tired, grumpy and frankly just want to crawl back into bed with a really great book.

We had a mad dash home again this weekend (and for every weekend coming until we actually move!), mainly as I wanted to see my Mum after her recent health scare. Did I say that they had worked out it was problems with her Gall Bladder? They have decided that it really is rather bad and have bumped her up the waiting list to have it removed on Thursday. We also had more stuff (where does it all come from?) to put into storage at Ian’s parents.

So 765 miles in 3 days and one exciting detour through Essex very late last night (the M11 had been closed due to an accident) I finally crawled in to bed at 11:30 and just crashed out.

I felt terrible when the alarm went off this morning, and petulantly refused to get up. Thankfully my employers have embraced ‘flexitime’ to the full so it is possible to sneak in at 09:50am with out having to worry, or come up with excuses like the cat ate the train.

It is Ian’s last few days at work this week. He finishes on Thursday, which make it all seem very very real indeed.

Oh yes, we exchanged contract for our house sale on Friday.  No going back now!


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