French Fancy

There is something about imminent homeless-ness (perhaps a smig of an exaggeration) which make me want and lust after very permanent home things. Last time we were in the ‘in between homes’ stage and were camping out in our friends very small spare room, we ended up buying an eight person dinner service complete with serving dishes and platters which we carried around in the boot of the car very carefully for six weeks.

This time I am craving these amazing Tolix chairs.  Designed by Xavier Pauchard (1880-1948) who was a pioneer of galvanisation in France just after World War I. It has become something of a chair icon, they are famed for their sturdiness, and easy of maintenance.

It is a completely ridiculous desire. We are moving to a rented flat for six months. We certainly do not have room to go and buy and store six dining chairs. We do not know where we are moving to after the flat. Would these chairs fit with the style of our future property? I simply don’t know, but does that stop me wanting them.
Not at all.

One thought on “French Fancy”

  1. And now I want them too, though I have perfectly good dining chairs already. When we were between houses everything was in storage for 3 months so it seemed like having lots of new stuff when we got it back. Maybe you should just keep window shopping until you know where you are going, but don't stop showing us more desirable objects.

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