The Lady and the Revamp

Did you watch Cutting Edge on Channel 4 last night?  It followed Rachel Johnson (sister to Boris) who has been drafted in as new Editor for The Lady in the hope of reviving its sliding reader numbers.

I have never ever picked up a copy of The Lady, only observing the well thumbed copies in Doctors surgeries and nestled in between Readers Digest at the Dentist.  I have however pressed my nose againsts the windows of it’s offices on the corner of Maiden Lane, as I have waited for friends to turn up (it is a great location to meet, central, well lit, busy…).

I have been fascinated by the copies of The Lady which are displayed in the windows, an amazing  selection of current and past front covers, Elegently drawn 1930’s ladies playing golf, or a cheery be-permed beaming gal from the 1980’s.  An intriguing peak into their archives.

It has often made me wonder just what their archives would be like?  Would they document Debutant Balls and give tips on just how to appoint (or indeed let go) the Nanny?  Or would they seem compleatly other worldly and unconnected?

I’m so puzzled and simply fascinated by what I saw that I really do think that I will go and buy a copy and see for myself.

I’ll report back!

(Interestingly I tried to look at The Lady website right after the programme finished and I couldn’t get on to it.  I wonder if it received more views in that half hour period than it ever has before!)

Image via Google Images – It was so hard to find a cover to show.  Go on, google The Lady, you’ll be amazed at what comes up, and it isn’t The Lady!


2 thoughts on “The Lady and the Revamp”

  1. Hi Philippa,
    I've definitely been here before so it must be a one-off about your profile. I must watch this programme – sounds intriguing. My friend lives on the same street as their office so I've seen the covers many times in their window – but never looked inside an issue. It is a great spot!

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