Le Sigh…

Isn’t this the most amazing room.  I have now added this room to our list of things that the new house must have.  Image found at the brill Home Shopping Spy, whilst I was trying to distract myself.

Secret London is having a small pause.  My Mum has been admitted to hospital, my Dad has been very firm and is not letting me dash north just to pace around and drink tea, as he says I can do that more productively down here (i.e channel stress into packing).  We are waiting for the results of some scans due tomorrow morning before we will know what is really wrong.

Hopefully it will all be very fixable.

Just another reason why moving north is a good thing.

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One Response to Le Sigh…

  1. dottycookie says:

    I hope you get some very good news soon about your mum. I sympathise with the pacing and drinking tea approach.

    That certainly is an amazing room – but what you can't see is the arc lights just out of shot 😉

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