Secret London – Parks

These parks may all seem to be very obvious to you, but I do think that many visitors simply head to Hyde Park. It is central to town, its is pretty easy to hop over to and frankly it is HUGE. As you can see from this list I am a South East Girl. Even after four years in London I have never made it over to Hampstead Park or Highgate Cemetery. Best laid plans n’all!

This list is by no way complete, these parks are just my fav places to escape to when I want to curl my bare toes into the grass.

Greenwich Park

Home to the wondrous Royal Observatory and the Maritime Museums. Greenwich park is a haven and an utterly delightful place for a stroll. Climb to the farthest corner away from Greenwich and you will find yourself in the Wilderness area. Hunker down in the grass and wait and you may be luck to see the deer. Come with some spare change as the ice creams sold at the pavilion are pretty darn terrific.

Battersea Park

Just over the river from Chelsea is the fantastic Battersea Park. You will find a lot of joggers here. You know the type, the tall, thin blond and beautiful. Ignore them and go and enjoy the peace pagoda and stroll over to the fantastic fountains and watch the wonderful water display. Take some spare change and take a spin on the boating pond. It isn’t that big and half an hour is more than enough time to lap it, but it is great fun! The Tea Terrace Kiosk does a grand cuppa and a sandwich for not too much. Wrap up warm is heading over in autumn or winter, you’d be surprise at how chilly the wind can whip through. We spent what is probably one of the best days we have had in London here, so I am super fond of the park!

Mudchute Park & Farm

Perhaps the most ‘secretive’ on my list is the fantastic Mudchute Park and Farm. Down in the docklands it is very possible to have lunch amongst the grass with the friendly cows and look up to Canary Wharf.
The park itself was created when the Millwall Inner Dock was excavated in the 1860s. Soil and slit from the engineering process was dumped on land near by. The farm has developed into a riding school and petting zoo whilst in the corner of the farm yard is perhaps one of the very best places to eat in all of East London The Mudchute Kitchens.


Famed as being the location of one of London’s mass burial sites for plague victims in the 14th Century and for holding one of the best free Guy Faulks night Firework displays in London. The Heath is probably one of the best places to Go Fly a Kite or for a Sunday kick around . With great views out over the City it slopes up gentle from Blackheath village, and then rolls away to meet Greenwich Park and Coombs Hill. Great Sunday stroll after breakfast is up over the Heath, down through Greenwich park and down into one of the many pubs in Greenwich itself.


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