Oh my!

Where does the time go? It only seems two moments ago that I was eagerly awaiting the plaster to come off my arm. Well thankfully it was taken off, the bones have knitted together well. My arm was all jelly like for a few days, and I had a touch of the Lady Macbeths as I was washing my hands at EVERY opportunity. I have one final check up next Monday, and then they will sign me off as fixed. Phew!

With two functioning hands I have been able to start on ‘The Packing’. We decided that we simply had too much stuff to fit in to a small flat. Ian’s parents are being amazing and are letting us use his old rooms (yes I did say rooms…) as storage units, which saves us a great deal of money in the long run. We have packed up every book we own, which came to a staggering 15 boxes and sent them north. I have been getting quotes from removal companies. You wouldn’t believe quiet how much they vary in price! In an ideal world we would use a very local company to us here in London (didn’t hurt that the man who came to give us a quote looked like David Beckham…) but they were the most expensive out of them all. I think the next step is to perhaps try some firms in Leeds on the off chance that they may be returning from London when we want to move? Don’t know, its a possibility.

I have been getting a little stressed about the whole no job thing. I did interview in Leeds last week but unfortunately didn’t get it. The feedback I was given was frustratingly good. Apparently I ‘scored’ well with in the appointable range, but was piped at the post by one point. Ah well. There is another opportunity that I am exceedingly interested in based in York. I’m halfway through drafting that application and revising the subject area. So please keep fingers and toes crossed for me on that one.

Life beyond ‘The Move’ has as you can imagine stepped up a pace in every possible way! Ian only has two and a half weeks left in the office, so they are trying to get as much work out of him as possible. My work load is a little odd. My boss doesn’t want to give me large pieces of work, but lots of very random little pieces which I can wrap up easily in my last few weeks.

I’m also trying to get to see as many galleries as possible before we leave. I’m afraid I have been very lax in the four years that we have been down here and really haven’t visited as many as I really should have. Last night I finished work a little early and snuck to the National Portrait Gallery for an hour. Amazingly interesting place with a great atmosphere. I really do want to go back as I only managed to rush around the contemporary and the Victorian sections.

On a side note I was chatted up there! Can you believe it! I noticed a chap looking at me, so being the good polite girl that I am I smiled back and strolled on. When the gallery closed he was waiting for me at the main door, introduced himself and said that he hadn’t wanted to disturbed me whilst I was looking at the art, but he would be delighted if I would join him for a coffee! I was so lost for words. I thanked him and said that though it was very flattering I was about to meet my husband for supper. He looked crest fallen, but I felt like I was walking on a cloud. He did rather make my day. Ian found it ever so funny, but said he did feel bad for the chap.

I’m holding out for the opening of the Quilts 1700-2010 exhibition at the end of March before I head over to the V&A. I’m kicking myself that we are moving now as there are a number of facinating workshops being run in conjunction with the exhibition. Perhaps I can make it back down for the odd one?

As you can see life is jam packed with activity at the moment, and desperate as I am not to let it run away with me, I think I’m in danger of that happening.

Think I need a good cup of tea and a sit down!


One thought on “Oh my!”

  1. You must be rather in limbo at the moment, waiting to finish work, move out etc, not quite ready but life no longer the same. Hope it all goes well, hold on in there.

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