Only four sleeps to go

And then the rotten horrid plaster cast comes off!

It has been a very, very long six weeks, but the end is firmly in sight now thank goodness.  Hospital appointment on Monday morning and I hope, hope, that the Doc confirms that the bones have now mended.

So what have I been up to?  Well things are moving a pace, after only three weeks on the market we have had and accepted and offer on our house.  A lovely girl who is a first time buyer, fingers crossed all will progress well, and I hope that when all is done she will learn to love our little house as much as we do.

Strang how these things happen, I realise that we have been living in this little house for two years last week.  Time to move on.

We’ve had a very hectic weekend in Leeds, looked at eleven houses in two days, which confirmed that we are very very fussy!  So  we have decided to sell here, find a swanky flat near the Royal Armouries to rent for a few months whilst we really hunt out where we want to live.

I’m still on the job hunt.  Swinging between worry and panic, to cool and calm as I tell myself again that I’m not going to grab the first job which pops up.  I need to make sure that I move to something which is right for me.  Still I do tend to lean towards the worry more than anything at the moment. Hey ho.

My parents are coming to visit for the weekend.  It happens to be my Dad’s birthday, but I put my foot down and demanded that they visit otherwise they may not come before we actually move out.  That shook him in to action.  He runs his own company, but he has a tendancy to work too much and forget about little things like weekends, much to my Mum’s frustration.

Whirl wind weekend planned with supper at our local fav restaurant tomorrow night.  Wine tasting on Saturday (my Parents Christmas present from us).  And if I can persuade my Dad to leave later on Sunday afternoon I may be able to take Mum to Columbia Road to stock up on flowers.

Also – just in case you wondered. I’ve turned on comment moderation as I’ve had a lot of spam recently.  Some reason Blogger isn’t stopping it.  Hopefully it won’t last long.


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