what type are you?

Still here with my oh so slow finger typing.  X-ray on Monday showed that the bones were still not knitting together, so I’m now in plaster for a further four weeks.  grrr!
My poor husband is out of the country on business so I’m left holding the reins, all bit in in my left hand.  Day to day life is getting easier, I can do buttons up on my own now (phew) and I have dug out my ballet flats, not exactly winter wear, but no laces so I don’t care!
I’m house hunting over the internet with the hope of booking viewings for next saturday.  Our little house went on the market on Friday and we have already had two viewing, so its a good start.
But there are only so many estate agent web sites a girl can look at before she glazes over.  Which is how I found this amusing distraction.
So what type are you?  Me?  Well, I’m Cooper Black Italic apparently.
So there you go.

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