Still finger typing

But today is a day to celebrate.  You may remember me telling you that we had an oppertunity to escape London.

Well the escape is on!  My darling wonderful husband has been offered and accepted a new position with an excellent comapny in Leeds.   He is today resigning from his current company, and in three months time we will have sold our house {fingers and toes crossed} and moved to another house {perhaps bought or rented, not sure yet} somewhere around the Leeds area – any tips ladies?

I’m content.  Rather overfaced with the huge amount of organisation we need to do in just 12 weeks, but am also really excited.  Really really excited.

We’re movign back north.

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3 Responses to Still finger typing

  1. dottycookie says:

    How exciting – congratulations!

  2. New year. New job. New house. Woo hoo!

  3. Jenny says:

    A move north can only be a good move, well done husband.

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