snow snow snow

I had all sorts of good intentions to take you on a virtual shopping trip with me, and then it snowed.  I have oft complained that London can’t cope with snow, but it looks like the whole country struggled this time.

The snow killed off our broadband early last week, hence cutting short my tour. Then on Tuesday as I was ironically stepping out of the house to head to a routine Doctors appointment I slipped in the melting snow and came crashing down on the kerb.  One trip to A+E later I made it back home with a confirmed broken scapular {the little bones which join the thumb to the wrist}.

Broadband is up and working, but my right hand {my do everything with hand} is strapped up in a cast and I am finger typing with my left.   I have an appointment for my second x-ray on th 25th Jan, hopefully the brake will be on the mend and the cast will be changed to give me a little more use of my fingers.

Oh how I hope!


2 thoughts on “snow snow snow”

  1. I'm sorry to hear you've taken a tumble but not surprised with all this icy weather. Must be very frustrating to be out of action, try to think of it as extra reading and planning time and get well soon.

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