Happy New Year

I’m a little behind with my New Years greeting, but still better late that never!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year’s Eve.  We headed back to the snowy North East for Christmas Day.  We donned wellies and woollies and plodged our way through a good foot of snow to Christmas morning Mass with my parents, before tucking in to a wonderful Christmas lunch of Roast Beef (no Turkey for us Hurrah!).  Christmas Evening was spent with Ian’s family with yet more lovely eating.

The weather on the whole has been kind to us.  Earlier in the year a friend had suggested that we headed up over the moors to the pub at Tan Hill.  Tan Hill is only about 10 miles from my parents but is just brilliant.  It is the highest pub in the country and gained fame in the early 1990’s (or perhaps 1980’s I can’t quiet remember) when Everest fitted it with double glazing, with out first getting planning permission.  Big Hoo Ha ( = lots of publicity) but the windows stayed. 

Anyway, good thing we didn’t as I think those brave New Years revellers who did head up there are in fact, still there.  Snow came down much harder than any one had expected and they are in fact snowed in.

How I wish we had gone.  Can imagine the call to my boss in London. 

Me: “Hi, er, just calling to let you know that I can’t make work today.  I’m snowed.”

Boss: “Well can’t you log on using your lap top?”

Me: “Not really…you see I’m not actually at home.”

Boss: “I’m sorry, I thought you said you were snowed in?”

Me: “I am, just not at home.  I’m…well I’m in the pub.  I’ve been here for four days, and its not looking good for tomorrow either.”

Boss: “!!!!”

Back in London, with no snow,  Oh well.

Heres to 2010, may it bring you all you wish for!

Photo from BBC/Getty


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