Bad Hair

I thought I could make my most recent hair cut last through Christmas and into the New Year.  Though I adore my hairdresser and love the salon I do rather hate that £48 price tag which goes hand in hand with a quick spruce up.

Sadly it seems not. I am currently sporting a natty (if a little tatty at the moment) bob with a fringe which for days after a cut is too short, then for what seems like one blessed day is the perfect length, and then the next day it seems that I can no longer see through it.

In an attempt to see if I can cause some sort of delightful distraction which will divert peoples attenetion from my over long cut, I found these delights.

Aren’t they just dreamy?  Sigh.
I just wish I could make my hair look that styled and sleek.  Do you think it is achived through oodles of back combing and hair spray or she is just blessed with thick glossy locks?

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