Starting to feel a bit like Christmas…

Woke up to a good few inches of snow this morning, which was lovely. 
Wrapped up warm in winter woollies usually relegated to the bottom draw and listened to the first little bits of Terry Wogan’s last show.  Feel oddly sentimental that he is retiring.
Loving the wrapping above.  So pretty.  Wishing that I hadn’t already done some of my present wrapping as I think this would be a very good look.
Have work ‘Christmas Do’ tonight.  Mixed feelings. I really like the people that I work with, and would normally enjoy a spontanious meal out with them, but never enjoy organised enforced fun socials.  Doesn’t bode well.
Still we have a suddenly free weekend (due to a diary mix up – the event we thought we were going to was in fact last weekend, when we were away.  Oops.) and I feel the need to bake gingerbread and watch old movies in front of a roaring fire drinking hot chocolate.  Don’t have a fire down here, but perhaps we can do the rest.
Also have this carol on my ipod and though it is only 1:32 mins long I keep looping it.

Photo from the lovely Decor8


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