one year and one day

How can so very much happen in just one year and one day.

In the last 364 days we have fulfilled a life long dream and visited New Zealand, Ian has spent far too much time in the middle east with work.  I have made great friendships which I hope will stand the test of time and distance.  We have finally put our stamp on the small house after hours and hours of decorating.  The garden looks wonderful.  But most importantly, we have done all of this together and we are still very very much  in love and are very very happy.

I’m typing this sat in a very swancky Northern Hotel whilst my other half is off at the (potentially) interview of a life time.  You see we’ve really come to the end of our teather with life inLondon.  We have been there for three years – just starting our forth and we really have had enough.

I miss seeing the starts at night
He misses the hills
We both miss clean air and trees

So here we are perhaps on the verge of a new life together in the North.  We have spent the weekend driving around the area working out where, if we did move, would we like to live.  I got overly excited at a field of sheep. They don’t seem to have many animals in Kent, so this was a wondrous sight.

If we pull this off, we will move up here in early spring, and will be about a hour south of both sets of parents.  A perfect distance we think.  Close enough to yell for help when a pipe bursts, but far enough away that they will call first before popping round.

I don’t want to put to much weight on to ‘the interview’  if it doesn’t pan out, there are other good firms here that he may wish to apply for, but the idea is out there and we both love it.

So here is to the next 364 days and what wonders that may bring.


2 thoughts on “one year and one day”

  1. I love being able to see the stars and I'd hate not to be able to see green and animals about the place. So, I understand what you're both longing for and heading North is a great thing to do – I wish you both the best with that.

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