Scrappy wreath tutorial

I have been making Christmas stockings for all the family, and as a result have gathered a bag of red, white and gingham scraps.

You may have seen the scrappy wreaths all over blog land, and as our front door is oh so very bare I thought I’d give it ago. Super easy to do, grab a cup of tea, pop project runway on the Sky+ and knot away!

You will need:

Wire coat hanger (from the dry cleaners) or garden training wire;
Fabric scraps, measure about 5 inches by 1 inch;
scotch tape.

Bend wire into a loose circle shape.  Wrap the ends of the wire with scotch tape to prevent it catching your fingers,  and then tape  it to the rest of the wire so it doesn’t unfurl.

Simply knot the fabric scraps around the wire, building it up as you go around, alternating colours as you like, until it looks something like this:

Ta Da!  You have a cute scrappy wreath!

It is too wet and too dark to hang it on the front door tonight, but first thing tomorrow it will be up there, welcoming all who come to the house.


2 thoughts on “Scrappy wreath tutorial”

  1. Love your wreath!! And wanted to say a BIG thank you for my LOVELY secret santa gifts.What a treat to receive on a gloomy, wet day,I loved the way they were all so prettily wrapped up and I have used some of the rose shower gel already-gorgeous!
    So sending you my warmest festive wishes and thanks.
    Cally x

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