Thank you

Thank you for your lovely comments and sweet emails. They really did cheer me up.

You wouldn’t think that a change in commute and routine would have made me feel quiet so down but it has. When I worked in the docklands I hopped on my bike and cycled down the road, up over Blackheath and then down through Greenwich Park, waving every morning at the Royal Observatory and down through the Greenwich Foot Tunnel and up on to the Isle of Dogs. It was a great commute, even when the weather was rotten. When it rained just that bit too hard I could hop into my car and wizz down the road. Ok wizz my be an exaggeration, the Blackwell Tunnel usually put an end to any fanciful whizzing dreams. But still, it was simple, cheap-ish and on the whole fairly stress free.

Now I have to get either a bus or train from my ‘village’ to Lewisham, then fingers crossed the right train will be at the station which I can hope on to Victoria. If not I get a train to either Cannon Street or Charring Cross and then the tube to Victoria or train to waterloo east and then another bus to Victoria. It really is a case of planes, trains and automobiles.

The whole process takes about an hour and a half where I am squished like a tiny sardine in a tin amongst other stressed out commuters. I really really don’t like it. Knowing that I have to face that every morning makes getting out of bed harder and harder.

The one very depressing thing is, when I lived in the North East I used to commute to Durham to work, and drive of just about 45 mins, and a distance of about 35 miles. Now, my one and a half hour struggle is to cover just 7.5 miles. Crazy.

Once I get into town however I do quiet like it. I’m fickle like that.

I have popped up to Carnaby Street to do a spot of Christmas shopping. Snuck into Liberty and wallowed in the wonderfulness that is the new Anthropologie store on Regent Street.

On Friday I’m hoping over to Shoreditch to the East London Design show, to do a Cloth Kit Workshop to make a little tote bag. I don’t really think I need to be taught how to do this, but it is completely worth the cost as the fabric we will be using is a Rob Ryan print, and I adore Rob Ryan. All for the princely sum of £10.

I think I am emerging from my wallow. Reality is, the commute will not be getting any better and frankly I just have to man up and jolly well get on with it.


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