I will get it finished

After looking at the wonderful hand quilting done by Lucy over at her blog I have been semi kicked into action over the Autumn Quilt.
The top is finished, I finally bought some more fabric for the back, it has been baisted for over two weeks and is currently rolled up on the sitting room floor waiting to be quilted. So what is the delay?

Well the quilt is for our bed, which is a double bed, but becasue I like lots of snuggly warmth we actually have a king size duvet. So any quilt would have to be king size too.
No problem. I can make a king size quilt.
Its just the quilting that I am stumbling at.
I have a perfect little sewing space up in the guest room. But small is most definitely the descriptor.

Not king size.
So I have rather been putting off the idea of wrestling a king size amount of fabric through a very cot sized space.
Until inspiration struck.
Our dining table is a lovely drop leaf table that I inherited from my Grandparents, which can be moved quiet easily. If I shuffle that into the sitting room, bring my machine downstairs, load up the DVD machine with an NCIS boxed set, or find some Bones or Lie to me on Sky+ I can just jolly well get on and get this thing finished.
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