Little Miss Smug

Hello, how are you?

I’m very well thank you. Why am I smiling? How kind of you to ask.
I’m smiling because I have wrapped up and put away my first Christmas present!
I don’t want to gloat. But since you asked, I found the steal of the year in TK Max. A mini Finchely Filofax in mint green, with a 2010 diary and address pages inside for the grand total of £7.99. Amazing eh? A saving of about £50.
I don’t want to seem like a skinflint, but it is in perfect condition, all boxed up, and if I can save £50 on that purchase, I can spend the £50 else where on other presents.
I am normally a real humbug about Christmas. Well not actually Christmas, as I love the day, but about the three months of Advent calenders and chocolate selection boxes we have to put up with in the shops. It is just A DAY. Why do we need three months to prepare? Crazy.
But gifts are a different matter. If I see something perfect I will squirrel it away months before hand that way I know that it won’t be a horrid rush and I will actually buy, or make people gifts that they do indeed want or will enjoy.
So that’s me, the smug one on the settee with the large mug of tea.

2 thoughts on “Little Miss Smug”

  1. It always stops me in my tracks when I realise that if we spend 3 months in the run up to Christmas, that is a quarter of our lives. Much as I love the season, even I can admit that's a bit mad. I overheard one of the cashiers in the petrol station yesterday bemoaning the fact that she's “only just started Christmas shopping.”

    Well done though 😉

  2. I totally agree about the unnecessary build up to Christmas, love 25 December, hate the rest of it. Congratulations though on getting started with such a bargain.

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