Fantastic Friday

I never liked the phrase TFI Friday. But today I am feeling slightly celebratory, when I really don’t have anything to celebrate. I think I may be delirious.

My team and I are having a really rough time at work. Our employer has chosen
to move offices from the Docklands to Central London. On one hand I am very please to be moving.
I find the Docklands very sterile and lifeless, and I adore where we are moving to, just on the edge of Belgravia in an area I used to live near. Just around the corner from some amazing shops (even if I can only afford to squish my nose against the window), and very importantly (for me) near the library.
Unfortunately my employers are being very difficult about the whole move and are giving us very little information or assistance. Some of my colleagues are going to find the move extremely expensive and will have some very tough questions to ask themselves. I do think that there is a very strong chance that after Christmas I may find myself part of a much reduced team.
Also, Ian has been working very late all week, and has been getting home as I have been turning off my bedside light. Though I have got rather a lot of sewing done, and the freezer is full of home cooked meals, it hasn’t been that fun.
So you see, not much to celebrate.
Only this afternoon Ian rang me and asked if I would like to go to dinner. I’m so excited as I had thought he was going to have another late finish this evening. He is going to meet me at the restaurant, and I have already baked myself to a nice lobster red glow in the shower. I have picked out a dress to wear and I just need to dry my hair and I feel like I’m going on a wonderful date!
So perhaps I should celebrate after all!

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