Wow, the weather is really changing. I know that we have all been delighting that Autumn has arrived, me very much included. Though I do adore Autumn, I don’t adore getting into bed in a super freezing bed in a super freezing bedroom very late at night. I went to a talk yesterday teatime officially for work, but partly out of personal interest.

I arrived at the The Building Centre early. Very early in fact as I had totally miss judged how long it wouldn’t take me to get from Charing Cross up Tottenham Court Road. I ended up cooling my heels in Heals and delighted in the fact that they still had a little oven dish that I had spied in the Kings Road shop about 6 weeks ago. At the time I convinced myself that I really did not need another dish. But I have spent the last six weeks longing for the little aubergine purple dish.

It is just the perfect size for a two person serving of Macaroni Cheese, Cannelloni, Cauliflower Cheese, Tacos or other lovely twisted Mexican tortilla based meals. Quick phone call to Ian to make sure he wouldn’t be too disappointed in me if I returned home clutching a dish, I hoped and skipped down the road back to the building centre, dish carefully ensconced in my basket.

Still too early at The Building Centre I grabbed a quick coffee in the tiny cafe space, plopped down on a little table and felt content about my purchase. Looking up I noticed a gentleman sat opposite me working on a laptop.

First glance up, I think to myself: Wow! That’s Kevin McCloud! No, surely not. Could it be?

I spent the next 15 minutes trying to subtly look up through my eyelashes to work out if it was indeed Kevin McCloud. I probably looked like a very strange lady with a terrible squint, but I can report that yes indeed it was Kevin, and I was very cool and calm and did not blurt out HELLO! or how much I admire what he is doing in relation to Retrofitting, and quietly slunk away to the lecture theatre.

The talk was excellent, and left me feeling very motivated, or perhaps that was the free wine.

Walked from Store Street to London Bridge in search of ‘the best’ Tapas with a friend, only to find that the tiny tapas bar was heaving, so we ended up in Pizza Express at 9 o’clock at night. After a lovely evening I crawled into bed at midnight, only to spend the next half hour shivering, before I got out of bed and found our winter eiderdown and pulled that on top too.

We were both having a very lovely sleep, until at 3:15am someone decided to telephone us. We assume it was a wrong number as 1471 only revealed “number withheld”. Ian promptly flopped back into sleep, but I was awake, wide awake and saw the clock tick over to 4:15am and then 5:15am. I must have drifted off at some point as the alarm at 6:30am ripped me from sleep.

Suffice to say I was extremely grumpy.


2 thoughts on “Brrrr!”

  1. Love your new little dish. I don't think there's anyone famous living round here to bump into. Though I did once see a famous (at that time) actress (she was appearing in a play at a nearby theatre) browsing in our local M&S. I nearly fell over.

  2. If I'd been that close to Kevin I would have been awake all night thinking about him. My friend and I were just chatting about him today, loving his Grand Tour programme.

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