Again the internet provides.

I’m a complete sucker for magazines. I subscribe to Country Living and Coast magazines and read them cover to cover, usually whilst soaking in the bath. Much as I adore both these magazines I am finding that my style and design ideas for our house are drifting away from shabby chic country-ness which was perfect when I lived in a 200 year old cottage in the North East. Sadly that style doesn’t quiet sit well in a 12 year old Wimpy-esq development in London in which we now live.

Perhaps it is the style of the house, or the urban environment but I do find myself being pulled towards a more modern design style. So my eye has started to drift when I am in the newsagents, hunting out new glossies to read.
But once again the internet has provided. A new American online magazine has been launched. The rather oddly named Lonny, apparently it is short for London – New York. Dispute the slightly dubious name this looks like a good online read.
I’ll be curling up with a hot cup of coffee this evening to have a quiet flick through.
Shame I can’t read it in the bath though.
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