Please, no more paint.

The funny thing with decorating is that one thing often leads to another.

Sitting on our lovely new {exceedingly} comfy settee admiring my handy work on Monday evening, it became clear the the shockingly awful wall colour of our stairs {which rise out of the sitting room} was really simply just too awful to remain.

On first look, the stairs and landing area don’t seem too big at all, but once I started painting it became rapidly clear that firstly the horrid magnolia was far bolder than the Farrow & Ball Pointing and would therefore take at least three coats to cover {and I’m still not completely happy with it}. But secondly the walls are all at very silly rakish angles which resulted in some really quite worrying ladder angles with me perched at the top and Ian supporting it for all he’s worth below.

But it is done, the patchy-est parts are thankfully where the mirror hangs, and once that it put back up I’ll be less annoyed with the paint. Farrow & Ball paints are usually brilliant, perhaps we picked up a duff tin? This paint seemed very thin and had fairly poor coverage. Still the whole area is so much brighter and cleaner and looks wonderful where it meets the paint of the sitting room wall.

So sitting on the new settee is all together a much lovelier experience… until we looked the other way, out of the sitting room window and saw the shabby patchy shoddily strimmed front lawn.

From the very moment we moved into our house we decreed that the lawns {both front and back} had to go. The lawns were nothing better than green concrete. Nothing was attracted to them, they were slowly being taken taken over by my dastardly arch nemesis the Creeping Buttercup.

There simply was nothing for it, it had to go.

Rather than digging it up we opted for the cheat route and covered it completely with WeedBlock and gravel and then edged it with a slightly twee little fence {which I painted. Please no more paint}. Created two little raised with the Hazel hurdles we bought way back in the summer from Sarah Raven’s Perch Hill. And finally planted them up with a mix of tulips and allium blubs topped with Winter Pansies {until we can get something a little more perminant}.

I’m being naughty and posting this at work {tusk, tusk} so no photographs, but tomorrow will be photographs ahoy.

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2 Responses to Please, no more paint.

  1. dottycookie says:

    Of course, the reason I haven't painted the hall skirting board is that it would show how much everything else needed redoing … I shall try that on the hubby, it might work!

  2. Yes, we reached a similar conclusion that there's actually no end to decorating. So we don't get started!

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