I heart stationary.

It pains me how dull and dreary stationary is in England. America really has embraced stationary and elevated it to a whole new wonderful level.

You just need to glance through the pretty delights of Paper Source to see what I mean.

But the tide may be on the turn here in good ol’Blighty.

I made a rather wonderful discovery this morning.


The selection is currently rather small, or is that eclectic? Gift Tags, Thank You notes, and Note Books. They are all darling.

I particularly love these bottle tags. Unfortunately they are currently out of stock, but believe you me, as soon as they pop back in, I will be whipping them away!

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2 Responses to Papermash

  1. Thanks for the link. Like you, I love papery goodness.

  2. I know what you mean. I'm obsessed with papery loveliness – I think it stems from holidays to France with their little stationery shops and school year diaries. Loving the tape at Papermash!

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