Decorating Update

The settee has arrived!

It was delivered two hours early by two extreamley polite and efficient polish chaps who had it through the door and unwrapped before I had bearly whipped away the dust sheets.
I’m a little annoyed at myself for having a long lie in this morning as I had really wanted to mop the floor before it arrived. Oh well.
Painting of all the walls, ceiling, skirting board, cupboards, window sill and radiator was all done in the nick of time.
Pat on back for me.
What I have yet to do is the gloss, egg shell actually, painting of the banisters and under the stairs. Our stairs rise up out of our sitting room, and the little space below the sairs is our tiny office space. but that means a great deal of ‘wood work’. I have it all sanded down and ready to paint, but to be honest I’m pooped. Decorating to a time scale is fairly exhausting. Plus I have actually run out of the egg shell paint.
So tonight I’m having a night off. Ian is out at a friends Stag Do Murder Mystery, so I am having a long hot rose scented bath. A good cup of coffee and am crashing out on the settee to watch the Last Night of the Proms.
The Last Night of the Proms always makes me feel very wistful. I remember watching it with my then boyfriend the night before I left home to go to university. The 14th September 1997.
Wow. Long time ago.
Any way, pictures tomorrow, at least of the sections of the room that I have finished. We don’t have any curtains up yet as I am still recovering from the £320 quote I was given to have a Roman blind made.

I’m working on Roman Blind Plan B which is sweet talking a friend of my Mum to make it for us. Hopefully that will just cost the material, parts and a box of extremely lovely chocolates.

Will keep you posted!


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