BI: Before Internet

Whilst we were walking around Greenwich Market on Sunday, we over heard two stall holders having a conversation across the thronging people, it went a little like this…

Man: “Joan….”  …   “Hey Joan!…”

Lady: “Yes?”

Man: “Joan…. what was that thing…?” …   “You know that thing you were looking up on the internet?”

Lady: “Oh, erm…you know I can’t remember.” …. “I know I found it on that Google thing.”

Man: “Oh Google, now that is a good thing isn’t it?”

Lady: “Its just like an encylopedia, it  is marvelous isn’t it?”

Man: “I guess you’ll just have to look at the internet again tonigh to see if you can remember.”

The slightly ironic point to all this was that the man was running a second hand book stall with a good number of encyclopedias on it.

It got us both thinking.  What would happen if the internet was cut off?  Would we just crumple?  Would people know how to use encylopeidas any more?  Do they even print them any more?

I know that we would both be lost.

L.O.S.T.  Big time.

So, in the spirit  of trying to live normally we are going to cut down on computer time.

Or at least try to.

In the mean time, I think this here postcard sums up life pre-internet rather nicely.

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